I have wanted for a long time to try to make myself a nice colored hoodie , so the decision to participate to the Sew Warm contest helped me to organize my time and to finally accomplish my plan. The idea of most of the things I create is to recycle, so in this case also I will use only things that would normally get to the garbage.
This is my first instructable , I hope you will like it, I surely liked creating it,so enjoy! :)
The thing I liked most about creating this hoodie is that it was so easy, because I don't have sewing experience , I don't know how to create patterns, and for creating a hoodie like this you don't need this kind of knowledge

Step 1: Materials

Materials required :
some nice colored leftovers fabric (you can go ask at any tailor workshop, they throw it anyway)
an old hoodie
a sewing machine   
an iron and ironing table
super! great idea<br>
Voted , because I know what I can do with my oldies hoodies. :D
Nice cute Job!!!
I love this! I've had ideas for hoodie mods but never really knew how to go about them - this has given me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing - this is going in my favs :)
Wow, that looks nice!<br>But I have no experience with a sewing machine... (nor do I own one). I think I'll make this a project with someone who has. Though I'm not going to add it to my existing hoody; I'll make a new one instead.
I want to say that I don't have sewing experience ether, actually a friend of mine showed me first how to use the machine, and this machine being a new one it's very easy to use, but maybe it's ok if someone with experience can help you.<br>If you don't want to add to your existing hoodie you will need a pattern, but maybe your friend can help you with that also. Good luck, and I hope you have as much fun as I had doing it ! :)
i like it! :)
Such a good idea. Looks very cute!
thanks :)

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