Cut a 3D Bird With Laser Cutter





Introduction: Cut a 3D Bird With Laser Cutter

first of all you should draw the bird on corel draw or other program like this photo

Step 1: Cutting

then you can sent it to a laser cutting machine and cut it on a 3 mm recycled cartoon paper
and it will look something like this

Step 2: Put It Together

start by putting the head and the wings and put some Glue to make it stuck together

Step 3: Finishing the Head

finish the head layers

Step 4: The Body

make sure you put the body parts "chest" in order

Step 5: Almost Done

put the Tail parts side by sideand put the feet too :)

Step 6: U Have a Nice Hoopoe Bird

here it goes
u can always color the bird to make it look more beautiful



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    Hi there can you email the file and I will host it for you. Nice design.


    2 replies

    i'm sorry to inform you that the owner of this account " farah " is passed away
    he was 28 years old and died by a sniper shot in the current problems in syria " his country "
    he was exited to create and share those files but ,life is not always fair
    i'll upload the file to a server if the admins allows it for public use


    my condolences to his family
    ./sad roo

    Sure i can Share the files
    Just tell me How :D

    2 replies

    upload it in megaupload n give the link 4 us one more time Thank You !

    ITdude were you going to share the file? (eps. cdr. ect?)
    i know myself and a few others like to make this wounderful 3d

    i'm glad you liked it
    well i designed it by myself ..i like to think that real objects are pieces and i enjoy to assemble 'em again

    Beautiful! Where did you get the design for this bird?