Picture of cute kids jumper dress out of old shirt
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In this instructible I'm going to show you how to take a shirt that most people would probably throw out because it isn't usable. I was at a thrift store and found this shirt that was not in wearable condition. The fabric itself was all intact and was very beautiful so I felt it was up to me to rescue it. Maybe with the help of this tutorial you can rescue an old garment that isn't getting love.

My starting shirt was smocked but yours doesn't need to be. It's easy to do on your own. Just follow along to read how.

What you need:

Old shirt
coordinating scrap fabric
ribbon or lace or braided fabric for straps
yard stick
sewing machine
chalk/pen/marking device (if you are using something permanent then I suggest drawing on the inside of your shirt instead of the outside also DO NOT USE A MARKER. It will bleed through the fibers and not look pretty.)

The amount of scrap fabric you need depends on what size jumper dress you are wanting to make and how big the shirt you are starting with is. If the shirt you are working from is large enough you may not need any extra fabric at all unless you just want the contrast.

This can cost as little or as much as you want. You could use another shirt for you scrap fabric even if you wanted and if you have the shirts already or someone gives them to you then you could do this for free assuming you already have your sewing supplies.
jadekikyo (author) 2 years ago
Does anyone know if it's ok to post a link to your blog on your tut? I want to be respectful of the rules but I do post tuts normally on my blog and I did post a link from it directing to here so I was wondering if it was ok.