I spent a morning at the TechShop http://www.techshop.ws  with my husband playing around on the laser cutter figuring out different things we could do. 4 hours worth of different projects with different materials.
I have done work as a sign painter and also painted graphics and murals so the idea of using the laser cutter to make my own stencils was interesting. 

Step 1:

Since it was a learning day, and one thing we have learned is that 4 hours goes by really quickly, and we never get to all the things we would like to try, I just took a file from the epilog site http://www.epiloglaser.com/sc_stencils.htm. Epilog is the maker of the laser cutter at the TechShop. I use Corel Draw and it is easy and quicker to load files on to a thumbdrive and take it with me to the TechShop.
nice, I think you're fine on freq, but definitely increase power next time to completely cut through that stock.

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