Cyclops Mask Slide Show


Introduction: Cyclops Mask Slide Show

well showing off the mask and corel paintshop effects



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    So is this an instructable on building a mask, or photoshop effect? I'm confused. When I look at an instructable I want to see instructions, otherwise it's just a showable. And there are plenty of websites devoted to showing. This one, as far as I know, is devoted to showing how-to. Don't get me wrong that's a great mask, but how it was made is all I care about, not photo effects.

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    yeah this one is just a slide show i didn't really document the mask but it was a 3$ freddy kreuger mask(i think) i bought then cut the bottom half off made a hole in the mask smaller than the eye(an inverted painted flash light reflector cone with the hole made bigger.and glued it to the mask. happy halloween

    This is a slideshow, they are for showing off an item you made.

    Instructables show you how to do something.

    Though you do have a point with the Photoshop effects, I'm not sure what he was going for there...

    One eyed, One horned, Flying purple people eater...