Cylinder Deactivation Gas Saver


Introduction: Cylinder Deactivation Gas Saver

trying to incress gas mpg like new cars do, working on the bugs.



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    I believe that part of "cylinder deactivation" is the opening of the valves somehow because as PowerNaudio stated you are still have spark and you still have a compression stroke. The compression stroke without the following power stroke could create drag in the engine. This would work against any fuel savings that turning off that one cylinder would do.

    I also believe that GM is only doing this on V6 and V8 engines.

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    Agreed, you actually lose mileage compressing the dead cylinder. It's better to upgrade spark plugs and install an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

    It won't be good for the engine. It goes like this for four stroke engines:
    a 1 cylinder engine does one power cycle every 720º
    a 2 cylinder engine does one in 360º
    3 cylinders - 240º
    4 cylinders - 180º

    Considering two engine revolutions, one has two power strokes, the other has one - a power stroke is missing.

    The engine torque will vary, as one power stroke is missing. This will unbalance the stresses on the engine, especially considering the shut off cylinder is always the same one. That will do compression too, and it's wasting power pumping air.

    The check engine light flashing is indicating that damage is being done to the catalytic converter. The only reason MIL/CEL lights exist are purely for emission related problems.

    Hi, I believe that for your method to properly work, the engine ignition control module is going to have to be modified or a new one built from scratch to send the ignition spark to only the three cylinders which you have the fuel injectors still hook to. by changing the timing sequence in that matter you will have successfully disabled a cylinder in your engine, you're saving gas, you keeped the engine running smoothly and now have the correct amount of power that your engine should have while running on three cylinders. BTW: sorry if you had already figured that out and for such a late reply i hope i was of some help. laters

    hiya, as far as i know, the whole concept works on the concept that the cylinder DIES WHEN and ONLY WHEN there is NO NEED for the power, like in trafic, or could be ending up using more gas and MAYBE damage you engine running One cylinder less. Just a tip. But the concept is great, maybe if you could wire it up to UNPLUG (Switch off) a cylinder or two when at 0Kmh/Mph or something..then when doing a good speed or something, the other cylinders would kick in, or prolly turn on as well when a demand is needed, like climbing hills. Great experiment