Picture of d-Light
Consciousness of light as an instrument has brought to us the sense of a world that never sleeps. An instrument that we can use in so many ways to help ourselves during the night and even during the day when sun itself is giving us it's light we need.

We have put ourselves in boxes inside boxes to work, eat, sleep and have fun; opaque boxes with suns that vary in shape, color, intensity. But, do you feel light? Or can you only see it.

Interaction may lead us to control a world of sensations and our own perception.
d-Light was inspired in experimental comprehension of light's phenomena and the stimuli it produces to the different senses.

A pair of luminaries in which light is used to evidence the characteristics of fluency, temperature, sound and movement resulting of the transformation of electricity into light. This luminaries It would be turned on or off responding to stimuli generated by the perceiver and the context around the object.

Step 1: Therm-O- light source

Picture of Therm-O- light source
This light source makes evident some characteristics of the process in which electricity is transformed into light; some characteristics we usually do not consider:
*The heat produced by both natural and artificial light.
*Sound produced by electricity been transformed into light.
*The flow of light protruded by a lamp.
bobelon4 years ago
Great job, I made two of them for night lights, they have an ever evolving rainbow led light source.
Adam12hicks5 years ago
Finished my build of this!  It was really cool until the NSA showed up and removed it from my home by force.  Thanks a lot author.  I'm now on every watch list in the US. 
"An opaque but translucent material"

Kind of impossible...
zwild17 years ago
I'm lost. This is a rare moment.
jkbarnes9 years ago
This is why drugs shouldn't be legal in Amsterdam.
rotor jkbarnes9 years ago
dpocius rotor7 years ago
No Peking?
mdmoose299 years ago
i closed my eyes.. i didnt feel anything.. besides the AC coming from the vent above the computer...
Light does have actual kinetic force, but nowhere near enough from an ordinary lamp for someone to be able to feel it. I'm not really sure what the point of talking about that is when making a lamp, though.
dchall88 years ago
It does look like a lot was lost in translation. I got distracted with porcelanicrom for 30 minutes and never finished reading the rest. Apparently that is a Spanish word for a putty-like substance made from cornstarch, Elmer's glue, whipped petroleum jelly, and glycerin. Here's a link to a recipe. Apparently "cold porcelain" is a lot like Fimo except it dries translucent. I saw some sculptures of flowers in my search that were spectacular.

Con permiso in español...con ayuda de Google. Quisiera que esto fuera un Instructable mejor. Con ése en mente, pienso que debe ser publicada en español y ser hecha quizá en un par de Instructables. Hacer quizá uno con la lámpara de la gota, uno con la lámpara óptica de la fibra, y otro con la linterna.
dchall8 dchall88 years ago
Well I see this website is not foreign language friendly. Try to read it without the accents... Quisiera que esto fuera un Instructable mejor. Con ese en mente, pienso que debe ser publicada en espanol y ser hecha quiza en un par de Instructables. Hacer quiza uno con la lampara de la gota, uno con la lampara optica de la fibra, y otro con la linterna.
lsmjnd8 years ago
THIS IS A LAMP, and a nuclear bomb tooo
AgentDanny8 years ago
i still have no idea what the hell this thing does?
Someone sent you up the bomb. You have no chance to survive. Make your time.
I agree. �experimental�
Ingerson9 years ago
That text reads as though it has been through Google translation or the like.
Ingerson9 years ago
That text reads as though it has been through Google translation.
rotor9 years ago