3d Printed Mechanical Hand


Introduction: 3d Printed Mechanical Hand

About: 15 year old from Sydney Australia who like doing woodwork and making stuff.

I made this hand from photos of a wooden one that was laser cut

Step 1: Making the Hand

First designed the hand in pieces on solid edge

Step 2: Assembling on Cad

Once I had designed the pieces i assembled them on solid edge.

Step 3: Printing

Now I exported the pieces to makerbot and printed on a makerbot replicator.

Step 4: Laser Cutter

Now I drew and laser cut over 100 plastic rings to act as bearings.

Step 5: Assembling

I now assembled the pieces using wooden dowls (8mm) and threaded the pieces and plastic bearings. After a lot of tweaking I was done.



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    Hey Regan,

    I am thinking about doing this for a project myself and its brilliant but I dont suppose you have all the dimensions or cad files? Would be really appreciated!

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    Hi ShrimpyB,

    Im sorry but i no longer have the exact files, What i did when i made the hand is went onto sites like thingiverse and grabcad and got a bunch of different models from there and would use them as a reference when drawing my adaptation. Also don't forget you cannot simpley print the whole thing all parts need to be printed individually so they move. best of luck with your project. Would love to see some pics when you finish it.