DICEY Wheels





Introduction: DICEY Wheels

customize your ride with some dICE.. and further the gossip about your gambling addiction at the office..

Step 1: Get Some DICE

go to the dollar store and buy some dice...

then buy some valve covers or use the ones that you already have on your bike or car.

Step 2: Clamping..

get the dice in a clamp. point the number 1 upwards. you can use this to get a perfectly centered hole.

get your drill ready- if you have a drill press this will be easier..

I used a 3/8 inch bit to drill it. try test drilling into a piece of wood, then try the cap into it..

once you are satisfied with the size, drill into your dice. you are going to have to drill as far as you can without going through. drill small amounts at a time and test fit, or use the depth indicator on your drill press.

Step 3: Tight Fit?

if its a tight fit, as it was for me, you can enlarge it with a dremel, or equivalent grinding bit. (or pretty much anything as the dice is pretty soft.)

Step 4: Glue

once your sure you've got a good a fit, get out the glue. I used gorilla glue, and it worked great. any thick glue will work (ie dont use crazyglue/ superglue)

put a small mount of glue around the bottom of the cap, so when you push it in, the glue gets scraped upwards, over the rest of the cap.

Step 5: Let It Dry

let it dry, and then mount it on your ride..

make some more for your other wheels.

you're done



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    Quite possibly... why do you ask?

    i have about 7 pairs of them

    nice. I see lots of cyclo-bling possibilities in this instructable.

    i was thinking the same thing as fungus, i want to see 20sided, but i still have to say very nice, i would put these on my bike (i made some b4ithoughtaboutit) but ive already got some sick crhomeys i traded my fruit roll up 4! Hehehehehehe that guy got ripped.

    assuming I give sufficient time for the glue to dry will the dice ever fly off while driving? And is it legal to do this?

    1 reply

    I've never had them come off, and I do quite a lot of mountain biking.. so no they won't. I assume its legal, I've since seen them in stores.

    hahahaha i remember making these as a 14 year-old, except the dice i got were weird....they werent soft at all, they were this strange plastic that didnt like the drill and made a real fine powder and burned up my bits. well, i eventually got it done, and put them on my bike, took a ride to mcdonalds, when i walked out, someone had stolen them already. when i was younger it was novelty valve caps ("chromies", any odd valve caps, tire flyz, even those little tire gauge caps) that got stolen off bikes and cars. i have a car now, and i was at the dollar store the other day, and they have 8-ball valve caps, 2/$1, so now my 95 buick century has 8-ball valve caps lol, i will definately try again, this time using clear colored dice or different dice, and ill make a few of them!!

    When is the 20-sided Instructable going up? And yeah, I got a pair of these as a gift once. They're pretty slick in silver.

    Not against the whole DIY thing, but my family runs a unicycle club in a small town and we've been buying these for years from random bike shops- and giving them out for prizes- hey if your a teacher nice little prize to pimp out a bike


    you should try jooglue


    Add some pics of ur bike!!! Ill have to ice out mine some more......

    how about some photos of the final thing?