A handy little strap that i made to keep my baby safe when pulling 'one-handers' and 'no-scoping' it helps when you dont feel like wearing a neckstrap but still need the security of some sort of restraint incase of mishaps :P it works just like a handycam strap

Step 1: Material-age

AAnnnd your materials:

-a good old set of metal files
-soldering iron
- skizzors (scissors)
- old straps from suitcases, briefcases, camera bags and anything else with polyester straps
- a small ring from a keychain or charm
- the plastic clips and plastic pieces (dont know what to call them) from straps. three pronged sliders?
- a boolt that fits your camera's tripod mount
*i used the tripod shoe itself which actually works better!
Super i'ble -- &nbsp;BTW, the parts you can not name are <em>buckles</em>.<br> <br> <br>
i used to wind my arm into the neckstrap, so your solution is exactly what i needed. i used an strap from the body of my old analog camera. as a didn'got a screw, i asked some friend, an one had a spare mini tripod. i simply saw the screw of... thanks for you great idea<br />
&nbsp;You're welcome! and if you need screws that fit the tripod mount, just go to your local Home Depot or hardware store and try screws to find which ones fit! thats what i did and i bought a good handful i use for a bunch of different stuff!&nbsp;
thanks my, friend, but it is an non metric screw, and i'am from germany. they are not sold in our socalled &quot;Baumarkt&quot;. Anyway, i'm always try to things on a &quot;no budget level&quot;. chears.<br />
Just a caution here: standard tripod screws are actually 1/4&quot;x24 tpi Whitworth, which is not quite the same as conventional Imperial screw threads (yep, there used to be two inch-based screw standards. Ask your friends with old British cars and motorcycles).<br><br>Better camera shops (even in Germany) can hook you up, and online camera specialty stores (not endorsing any, but the big NY-based dealers for sure) will carry these in a variety of useful versions (lock-nutted, adapters, etc).<br><br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripod_(photography)#Screw_thread
<br /> Thanks for sharing this great idea! I'm definitely going to make one, but I'm thinking of just using an old (shortened)&nbsp;neck strap. In this way you do not need the plastic clip so that&nbsp;the camera is attached in the conventional way on top.
Excellent idea!&nbsp; <br /> Just started making one using webbing from a backpack I was tossing out.&nbsp; Fingers crossed it'll look as nice as yours.&nbsp; Thanks for the inspiration.<br />
You are most welcome! post an instructable! id like to see how it turns out!
&nbsp;Exactly what I have been looking for. Those straps cost around 30-40 bucks. I also have been using the neck strap wrapped around my wrist. I really never use it around my neck. I have been wanting one of these for a very long time. THANKS!!
&nbsp;Yea! i think its always better to improvise a solution rather than spending more money then necessary! and Thank YOU!&nbsp;
&nbsp;Exactly what I need for my hipshot photography style, I feel like a freaking tourist with a normal strap, thanks!
OMG!&nbsp; Me, too!&nbsp; This is perhaps the greatest idea EVER!!!&nbsp; Thanks so much for sharing!
This is a smart idea. Simple, efficient, and very well crafted. I wonder if a similar accessory exists on the market.<br /> Congratulations!
Great project featured... <br /> <br /> I've been wrapping the neck strap up around my hand for ages, or putting it round the back of my elbow to stabilize with a long lens, this is a way tidier solution to single hand shooting. <br />

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