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Introduction: DSLR Wrist Strap

A handy little strap that i made to keep my baby safe when pulling 'one-handers' and 'no-scoping' it helps when you dont feel like wearing a neckstrap but still need the security of some sort of restraint incase of mishaps :P it works just like a handycam strap

Step 1: Material-age

AAnnnd your materials:

-a good old set of metal files
-soldering iron
- skizzors (scissors)
- old straps from suitcases, briefcases, camera bags and anything else with polyester straps
- a small ring from a keychain or charm
- the plastic clips and plastic pieces (dont know what to call them) from straps. three pronged sliders?
- a boolt that fits your camera's tripod mount
*i used the tripod shoe itself which actually works better!

Step 2: Cut the Strap

measure around outside of hand and multiply by 2.
yay! math is over! now cut the strap to the length.
thread those three pronged sliders on both ends, the strap has to go up from the bottom, over the top and under the last one.

Step 3: Cut the Tripod Shoe

Next< use the solderin iron, and files to cut a neat slot in the tripod shoe, being careful not to damage the majority of it! and leave enough room for the strap to pass through

Step 4: Feed the Strap

feed the strap through your tripod shoe and loop it back through and through the slider to keep it taught. make sure you loop it through the flat side of the slider so it lies flush with the bottom of your camera!

Step 5: Attach!

 Now, just screw in your tripod shoe, clip the clip onto the strap eyelets and you're set! 



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    Super i'ble --  BTW, the parts you can not name are buckles.


    i used to wind my arm into the neckstrap, so your solution is exactly what i needed. i used an strap from the body of my old analog camera. as a didn'got a screw, i asked some friend, an one had a spare mini tripod. i simply saw the screw of... thanks for you great idea

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     You're welcome! and if you need screws that fit the tripod mount, just go to your local Home Depot or hardware store and try screws to find which ones fit! thats what i did and i bought a good handful i use for a bunch of different stuff! 

    thanks my, friend, but it is an non metric screw, and i'am from germany. they are not sold in our socalled "Baumarkt". Anyway, i'm always try to things on a "no budget level". chears.

    Just a caution here: standard tripod screws are actually 1/4"x24 tpi Whitworth, which is not quite the same as conventional Imperial screw threads (yep, there used to be two inch-based screw standards. Ask your friends with old British cars and motorcycles).

    Better camera shops (even in Germany) can hook you up, and online camera specialty stores (not endorsing any, but the big NY-based dealers for sure) will carry these in a variety of useful versions (lock-nutted, adapters, etc).


    Thanks for sharing this great idea! I'm definitely going to make one, but I'm thinking of just using an old (shortened) neck strap. In this way you do not need the plastic clip so that the camera is attached in the conventional way on top.

    Excellent idea! 
    Just started making one using webbing from a backpack I was tossing out.  Fingers crossed it'll look as nice as yours.  Thanks for the inspiration.

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    You are most welcome! post an instructable! id like to see how it turns out!

     Exactly what I have been looking for. Those straps cost around 30-40 bucks. I also have been using the neck strap wrapped around my wrist. I really never use it around my neck. I have been wanting one of these for a very long time. THANKS!!

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     Yea! i think its always better to improvise a solution rather than spending more money then necessary! and Thank YOU! 

     Exactly what I need for my hipshot photography style, I feel like a freaking tourist with a normal strap, thanks!

    OMG!  Me, too!  This is perhaps the greatest idea EVER!!!  Thanks so much for sharing!

    This is a smart idea. Simple, efficient, and very well crafted. I wonder if a similar accessory exists on the market.

    Great project featured...

    I've been wrapping the neck strap up around my hand for ages, or putting it round the back of my elbow to stabilize with a long lens, this is a way tidier solution to single hand shooting.