Picture of daft punk helmet homemade
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STEP 1 - Find helmet. beisball batting helmet was a pretty close match 

STEP 2 - Use two Red bull cans for ear sections(other brands are not wide enough). Cut them down and use the bottom sections only.

STEP 3 - Attachment The paper visor and jaw assembly were attached to the bill and sides of the helmet with masking tape.

STEP 4 -  Bondo time! Lay this stuff thick since this will be the base and will need to be sanded down a lot to start the form you want.

STEP 5 - WETSAND! Use waterproof sandpaper(medium and fine grit) with soapy water and start going to town on the helmet untill it is super smooth. I mean really smooth. Any imperfections will show after its painted.

STEP 6 - BASE PRIMER. For the base I used a flat black sandable-primer spray paint by Krylon. Two coats

STEP  7- FINAL COAT OF PAINT. I used mettalic silver spray paint by Krylon again. Two coats only.

STEP 8-LENS. I went to the local Plastic Supply store and picked up a sheet of smoked acrylic(plexiglass) sheet. In order to make the curve you have to use a heatgun or propane torch while you bend it to the angle you need. Cutting was done beforehand using a jigsaw with a plexiglass-safe blade.

STEP 9- Human after all

DerrezedD5 months ago

hey this daft punk 15 can you sell your helmet for 30$

Daftpunk4ever5 months ago


Marcus_gig made it!1 year ago

Hope you like mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoxDr47Z-lE

How long did it take?
yankee24422 years ago
is the paper visor for the jaw?
o__o2 years ago
Ours looks so alike!
thats so cool
hwolff3 years ago
how to you make the visior is it papercraft or something
It says paper visor on step 3 wolf
dude this is very vauge can you please make a more in depth instructable?
9999AWC3 years ago
How do you make the gloves?
ddots3 years ago
that actually looks sickass! could you post a video link cause the instructions are a bit confusing. overall its amazing!
rnasrallah3 years ago
what material did you use on the gloves?
diejork (author)  rnasrallah3 years ago
just a regular cotton black gloves whit a metal line tape .
Check out mine
diejork (author)  FennecCooper3 years ago
niceeee !!!!
KhanMan3 years ago
very nicely done. only wish mine was as smooth and even as yours.
diejork (author)  KhanMan3 years ago
amazing work but the actually instructable is lacking
diejork (author)  HeWantsRevenge3 years ago
sorry I made this helmet 3 year ago , and I lost the video and the photos wen I was making it.
epizeuxis3 years ago
Nice job! The last step is a nice touch.
diejork (author)  epizeuxis3 years ago
thanks !!!!!!!!