Hi, this is my first instructable ever, and because this is the begin of it, I apologize myself for my occasional mistakes in the English language.
The only reason i made this costume was because i first made a cool cape, and an month or so later, i thought it wasn't complete yet. But because an awesome cape gives you infinite possibilities, i can, of course, make other sets with it. 

In case you're wondering, the cape, hat, hood and mask can be very hot. So if you want to use it inside for a masquerade bal or something and actually dance with it, it would be wise if you use lighter materials than i used. But heavy stuff like this fabric gives it a quite epic look.

Step 1: stuff you'll propably need

-normal scissors
-scissors for fabric (other ones can be though to use)
-something to measure with
-a sewing machine with equipment (needles etc.)
see that step
-ingedrients for papier maché
-paint (to your own taste)
-something elastic
-plaster strips
-preferably the same fabric as your cape
-a old black shirt with long sleeves
-some silk-like fabric
-black, discrete trousers

My friend told us a website:likeghds.com<br> I find the products are very generous,and suitable for fall
Nice costume. Great mask!

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