Just like chocolate and salted caramel, dark chocolate and coconut seem to be recurring flavours whenever I feel like baking. They are a classic combination that really works and these shortbread showcase the flavours perfectly. This recipe will give you a wonderfully crumbly and buttery shortbread perfect with your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

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Step 1: Ingredients

230g butter, at room temperature
110g caster sugar (I like to use golden for flavour)
Good pinch of salt
260g plain flour
80g ground rice
100g dark chocolate chunks
70g dessicated coconut (I forgot to take a picture before toasting it so the coconut in the picture is already toasted)
Extra caster sugar for finishing
Licious! Would be dangerous for me to make these....however will try but when there are others around to share ;)
They are rather good and you do get a lot from the mixture.

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