Dart Gun





Introduction: Dart Gun

cool little, thing to shoot at friends, just try not to get hurt too bad.

Step 1: Junk

materials (sissors also)

Step 2: Pen

take your mechanical pencil

Step 3: Cut End+ Add Rubber Band

yea, pretty much done, very easy, don't kill anyone!!



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    cool! I made one a long time ago and shot bb's out of it!

    i was quite surprised by how far this thing could launch a skewer i used one of those fat rubber bands though and it seemed to work much better so any one who reads this , try the fat ones

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    yea, it's a fun thing to play with, I've shot it through cans before

    Check out my micro gun. No offense, but this won't work to well because the length of the rubber band is too long, so you lose energy.

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    you dont lose energy you gain potential energy which is then converted to kinetic energy so you actually gain energy :)

    i know. i made these things in like 5 minutes

    Mine had 645 views before I got a comment.

    Cool!Though I wouldn't suggest shooting any one.With skewers i was able to make it stick in the wall.

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    they can do that easy. and into little brothers even easier :)

    Yeah but my mom confiscated my crossbow because I shot it at my brother and if I shot this at him with a skewer...

    not particualrly original, many people have similar ideas, but clevar nonetheless

    i will wen i get a new camera or my friend lets me use is, cause my dad only has a digital that doesn't have sound... but thanx

    not bad but.. ur not getting any comments cause its so simple!! like make a video or something...