Dart Set





Introduction: Dart Set

This is one of the simplest instructables out there and you won't have to buy anything.

Step 1: Materials

The materials that you will need are scissors, a sticky note, cardoboard, pencil, eraser, needle, and a hammer

Step 2: Getting Off the Metal and Eraser

spin the pencil while hammering were the metal meets the wood. After about every 10 seconds of pounding wiggle the metal and remove if possible. If not hammer another 10 sec.

Step 3: Putting in the Pin

once you have removed the eraser and metal poke your needle through as straight as possible until it is as far in as it goes. (using a pin with a ball on the end helps a lot)

Step 4: Making the Tail

take your sticky note and cut off the sticky section and then fold it like a fan.

Step 5: Adding the Tail to the Pin and Eraser

fold the pushed together end of the tailand put it in the open end of the metal.

Step 6: Smashing the Metal

take your hammer and tap the end down until it is tight.

Step 7: Play Some Darts

make a board however you want. I prefer styrofoam, but carboard works too. Then tape you target on. THEN PLAY SOME DARTS!!!



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    Actually not 10 mInutes ago I made four of these then saw the Instructable. Mine are much larger and the tips are a pencil, a pen,a metal rod, and a bamboo skewer used tape to put it all together.

    wow these work great good job

    great instructable! i just made a few and they work like a charm thnks

    Man, this is one of those Instructables that make you think-- Why didn't I think of that?
    Nice job.