Dart Storage/ejection Attachment





Introduction: Dart Storage/ejection Attachment

There is no good name for what I built but I love it anyways.  It is an attachment for the tactical rail made out of a CS cartrige (recon, longshot, deploy) that stores darts (up to six) on your gun but can eject them at an enemy in a quick situation (you don't have time to reload). 

Step 1: Rip Off Tabs

Get pliers and tear off the little curved tabs that keep the darts in the cartrige.

Step 2: Drill

Drill through the bottom right of the Cartrige (bottom left on the side without screws), going all the way through. 

Step 3: Insert Peg

push the bar that holds the darts down. slip a toothpick or something skinny through the hole and over the bar. 

Step 4: Finishing

Hot glue the tactical rail piece from any attachment you don't want (recon sight) onto the side of the dart holder. pull the toothpick out to jettison the darts all at once.



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    To clarify: after using it for a while, it looses it's range. I tried to fix this but ended up breaking the clip and I don't want to ruin any more. if anyone has any Ideas on fixing it, respond.

    you should put on a video of you firing it. just cause i wanna see how it works :)

    2 replies

    To tell you the truth, it gets worse and worse the more you fire it. Im thinking about vamping up the spring to give it more kick. mine is going only 3 or 4 feet now.

    That would be awesome. I reckon you should spray paint it, but whatever.

    That's brilliant. The Nerf equivalent of throwing a grenade at your feet in a FPS melee.Video?