I was reading book about an origami Yoda versus a Darth paper (awesome right) and I discovered that it had instructions on how to make a Darth paper of your own. I also made a complex origami Yoda and a emergency 5 fold origami Yoda (more from the books)
it is pretty simple so it is good for star wars fans and origami masters alike.
You will need:
  • paper (size not specified)
  • pen
i would of used black paper but i couldn't find any
(the book was called Darth paper strikes back)

Step 1: Starting

Place the paper in a portrait position.
<p>Its good I guess, but I don't think you followed &quot;Ben's&quot; instrux correctly. If you were aiming for re-explaining that, that is. You missed two folds that were used too make EZ Yoda's ears (The Triangles) as seen in Steps 2 and 3. But you were very close!</p>
<p>don't ya mean all THREE of us?</p>
We both read the book high five!

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