this is my first instructable its easy to make but deadly when fired

Step 1: gather ring materials

things u shall need to make this instructable are'

a paper clip holder(u get them at staples)
2 rubber bands
some tape
paper clips and anything that can fit through the hole as ammo(you'll know what the hole is at the when ure done constructing this instructable)
<p>true check out mine!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
This is not a machine gun. It is also not a gun, original, or even intellectually a good idea. Also, it is easier to just loop the band around two fingers and shoot stuff that way.<br />
look, this kid doesn't really know wat a machine gun is but who cares as long as it fires, oh and this aint very good
aint is not a word but its in the dictionary<br />
I agree and will ppl quit saying rubber it sounds like we're using condems here ppl i mean come on
OMG LOL!!!!!!! I THOUGHT THIS WAS MY COMMENT!!! OMG!!!<br/><br/><sub>,no more caps lol...</sub>,<br/>
really, lol
it isnt meant to be a machine gun, he meant ' a deadly firing machine , gun
how is it deadly did u kill a cat or somthing with it ive been shoot with a toy gun deadler than that
ya i was shot with a .50 cal blow dart gun, stung like hell for the next week after i pulled it out....
Im mad about the title but it makes sense and I cant complsin
everyone who says its not a machine gun, its true, but he never said so. he said "deadly machine, gun" he said its a gun and a machine, and that is, in fact, true
This is not a machine gun more like a hornetlauncher
this isnt a machine gun whatsoever, and you would have to be exetremly lucky to kill any insect with this thing next time try to make a better title, or you'll always recieve negative feedback
THIS IS COMPLETELY NOT A MACHINE GUN. but its a pretty nice gun none the less :) what your describing is shotgun capabilities though, i built one and it backfired and HURTTT XD
Is that linux on your computer?
no ya foll its xp
Eh. With a skin?
its just an xp theme, it looks funny because of how the picture was taken
its more of a shot gun then, dont you think?
I wouldn't consider this a gun at all.
did u say "machine gun"?? :}
is that elmo? naughty naughty!
where does the machine gun part come in?
becuase you can have a bunch of things that go through the hole at the same time
not a machine gun; they fire projectiles using blowback to load another projectile and fire cotinously. this is a creation that wouldn't work.
can your fingers bend any farther back

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