deburring drilled or cut edges

Step 1: Rotate Deburrer

rotate the deburring tool inside the hole. it is conveniently on a rotating bearing so it follows the edge nicely.

Step 2: Alternatively Use a File.

rats tail files such as this are perfect for small holes.
I have seen the same deburring tool used on electronic projects.
can i just say there is another type of deburer that slots into the holder you youse its like a taped cylinder with a sharp blade
thank you for showing us the step by step procedure of <a rel="nofollow" href="http://deburringfacts.com/Deburring+The+Burrs.14122.htm">deburring</a>. I'll try this later.<br/>
I'm not a machinist, but I use an oversized drill whenever I have to debur holes. For the edges of sheet metal, I give it a quick swipe with a vixen file, then a flat file, followed by Scotch-Brite wraped around the flat file.

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