In this instructable i´m gonna show you how easy it is to decalcify you coffeemachine and save a lot of money.

I repaired a Dolce Gusto where the guarantee is extinct years ago so i tried on my own to repair this.

The problem was that the machine is losing water when you are gonna make a coffee.


You are doing this on your own risk.

Please work responsibly.

If you are open the machine you will lose the guarantee of the machine.

Pull the plug out before you open the cover.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

For the repair you need the following things:

- a 10-Torx screwdriver

- a spoon

- some cotton bud for cleaning the plastic parts

- a glas of water mixed with some descaler

- some paper towels

That is all you need for the repair :)

<p>Very handy. Thanks for sharing this!</p>

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