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This is my deck kitchen i made from parts of a 1993 camper, The sink ,fridge, stove, and drawer fronts were all reused from the camper.

Step 1: Frame

Picture of Frame

This is the 2 foot wide by 10 foot long frame.

Step 2: Doors

Picture of Doors

I made doors from 1by4 pt and 1 by 6  ship lap boards. Here is also the frame work for the drawers. Stained  provincial.

Step 3: Drawers

Picture of Drawers

Here are the 3 drawers i made with 18 inch 60 pound drawer slides

Step 4: Upper Frame and Fridge Cabinette

Picture of Upper Frame and Fridge Cabinette

Here i am starting the fridge cabinet and upper cabinets. It is exactly the same size as the kitchen that was in the camper.

Step 5: Upper Cabinet

Picture of Upper Cabinet

Here are all the spacers for the doors complete.

Step 6: Finished Sides

Picture of Finished Sides

Here the sides are on and all braced up.

Step 7: Fridge Cabinet

Picture of Fridge Cabinet

Here the upper and lower fridge cabinet  openings are made .

Step 8: Countertop

Picture of Countertop

I installed the counter top and sink for the first time !  Came out pretty good for a first timer...

Step 9: Completed

Picture of Completed

Here it is all done and put on the deck....


vladivastok (author)2014-07-26


iribholo (author)2014-06-08

Excellent and a stepping stone for me from you.

island7s (author)2013-11-26

I built a set of cabinets like these for my hunting camp in an old office trailer. it appears you made the same omission I did. The toe kick is flush with the front of the cabinets. my wife complains every time she walks up to them.

coolbeansbaby68 (author)island7s2013-11-27

yeah i have to take mine off the bees seem to like it to much grrrrrrrr

knexlad243 (author)2013-07-03

very nice setup man!

thank you knex

Joe Smania (author)2012-12-28

Sweet setup man ! I'm jealous ! Been wanting a summer kitchen for a while, this looks perfect! Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome thanks for the compliments

static (author)2012-11-11

Looks good ,but personally I wold made th cabin larger to be a able to have an indoor kitchen. Hear it gets cols, and hot enough both an indoor, and an indoor kitchen would be great

lsteaples (author)2012-10-14

I just love it !!!!!! Can you tell me the cost of the things you had to buy to complete this? Also how big is your cover is it like a garage 1 or 2 cars?
Very impressive you should really be proud of yourself. I also live in Texas out side of Galveston.
Thanks Linda

Thank you very much for the compliments Linda, The part of the deck that has the kitchen is 12x20 with a roof over the whole thing. The total cost for materials was about 400.00.

camping crazy (author)2012-09-18

This is neat!! Cool tractor too lol.

thank you

ckoellein (author)2011-06-13


The "point" of doin it... or one point anyways for us, is that it keeps the heat outside. Also, you can incorporate the gas and or charcoal grills in, which would of course, already be outside for exhaust.

For us though, it's about the summer heat here in South Texas. Cook an average meal and the house goes up to near 90 degrees until about 8 or 9pm.. or even later before it get's back down to 72... that's why I am working on a similar project.

Good stuff, there, coolbeans...!

Keep em coming!

kc in SATX

Thanks for the compliment FoeHammer. I have the stove hooked up finally. I had to buy a control valve because they don't sell the thermal coupler separate (imagine that ) So it was 80.00 for it so i wanted to use it because it came from the camper .

DDW_OR (author)coolbeansbaby682012-05-10

some sugested additions
removable cover for the top of the sink = keep dirt and "stuff" out.
tarp the entire counter when it is not in use.
the tarp should cover the front of the cabinets as well

i will be building a 20'x20' gazibo that will have a fire pit in the center and
something like this on one end that will be in its own room.

Dragonetta (author)2011-04-03

Be proud of yourself, brother. Youv'e done a great job. :)

Thank you very much for the compliment . I have another instructable for which im making a utility trailer with the frame from the camper ...

Foehammer358 (author)2011-02-27

Wait, what's the point of having a kitchen outside? What if it rains?

It doesn't rain on the inside of the deck under the roof

i see. thanks.

mggelina (author)2011-02-24

Looks beautiful, does it have running water?

coolbeansbaby68 (author)mggelina2011-02-24

sure does so the wife can do the dishes faster ! lol

foobear (author)2011-02-23

wow, beautiful!

coolbeansbaby68 (author)foobear2011-02-23

Thank you very much for the comment

Robot Lover (author)2011-02-23

This is incredible! If I had some patches I would totally give you one!

thank you very much..I had fun doing it ..

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