This is my deck kitchen i made from parts of a 1993 camper, The sink ,fridge, stove, and drawer fronts were all reused from the camper.
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Step 1: Frame

Picture of frame
This is the 2 foot wide by 10 foot long frame.

Step 2: Doors

Picture of doors
I made doors from 1by4 pt and 1 by 6  ship lap boards. Here is also the frame work for the drawers. Stained  provincial.

Step 3: Drawers

Picture of drawers
Here are the 3 drawers i made with 18 inch 60 pound drawer slides

Step 4: Upper frame and fridge cabinette

Picture of upper frame and fridge cabinette
Here i am starting the fridge cabinet and upper cabinets. It is exactly the same size as the kitchen that was in the camper.

Step 5: Upper cabinet

Picture of upper cabinet
Here are all the spacers for the doors complete.

Step 6: Finished sides

Picture of finished sides
Here the sides are on and all braced up.

Step 7: Fridge cabinet

Picture of fridge cabinet
Here the upper and lower fridge cabinet  openings are made .

Step 8: Countertop

Picture of countertop
I installed the counter top and sink for the first time !  Came out pretty good for a first timer...

Step 9: Completed

Picture of Completed
Here it is all done and put on the deck....