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obviously, you need a deck of cards!

Step 1:

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remove 12 cards from deck and put into 2 equal piles of 6, you will need those later

Step 2:

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You need a paper cutter or knife

Step 3:

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cut 2 equal lines down the sides, 1 cm from the sides equal lengths.

Step 4:

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fold wings upwards and cut off center

Step 5:

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do this over with the whole deck

Step 6:

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you will have scraps and you can throw them away

Step 7:

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get a hot glue gun

Step 8:

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put glue on the outline of one cut card and place another on top and repeat

Step 9:

keep doing this with the whole deck, but you may not need all the cut out cards because the glue is thick. periodically check if the deck you are making will fit in the box.

Step 10:

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take 1 card from the 12 and glue to the deck you made

Step 11:

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glue another card to the other side

Step 12:

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take the remaining 10 cards and evenly split it and put on each side in box, so if someone opens the cards they will think these are just regular cards. do not glue these!!!!! also, make sure you plac e the whole deck upside down so the hole is facing down

Step 13:

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thats it!!! youre done! place money or other items in the safe. Enjoy!


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