Decorated Cake





Introduction: Decorated Cake

A decorated cake used for a celebration

Step 1: Bake Cakes in Desired Pan

Bake cake/s in desired pans. Invert tin after 5 minutes. Allow to cool on wire rack.

Step 2: Icing Cake

Ice sides and top of cake with desired colour, finish edges.

Step 3: Picture on Cake

find a picture of your choice, trace onto tracing paper & cut out,
place lightly on iced cake and trace around with a toothpick

Step 4: Finishing Cake

there you have an imprint on the icing ready to finish off with an icing bag and colours of your choice.



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    That looks so perfect
    Well done

    Is that what i should call that color, periwinkle. Thanks.

    Wow, periwinkle is my fav color! Nice cake!

    I think compared with yours, my cake is fairly self explanatory!

    1 reply

    Details and explaining thoroughly is what makes instructions good. Making people guess, will mean they have a chance of guessing wrong. Pictures or sketches makes it easier to understand, and that's what it's all about.

    What more information are you looking for?

    Not much instruction........

    Thankyou, I made it for a friends birthday. She liked it too.

    What a beautiful cake!