Introduction: Decorating an Apron With Machine Embroidery

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I took the class at the Tech Shop to use the dedicated embroidery machine. I have a friend who loves to give tea parties (and collects tea pots). So when I saw this cute watermelon teapot pattern and on sale for less than $2 I bought it, loaded it on a thumb drive and took it with me for my next session using the machine at the Tech Shop.

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I put the thumb drive in the machine, found the pattern and chose the thread colors. I chose from the ones the tech shop has on hand and from my own. 

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This pattern required a lot of time. I listened to a book while watching the machine do its thing. I kept tabs on it and was able to organize other projects at the same time.

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Aside from changing the thread when prompted by the machine, it was all pretty easy. 


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