Decrypt the Cue Cat





Introduction: Decrypt the Cue Cat

the cue cat was a poorly encrypted bar code reader given out by radio shack
you couldn't use it as a regular bar code reader because of this.
now u can use like a normal bar code scanner

this is my fist instuctable so sorry if it isn't good. this is going to show a very e-z way to decode the cuecat's very odd encryption.
you can now turn this, 736tigc4786t5o8tywe
into this,020626725224(bar code taken off of flatout 2)

Step 1: Open It Up

this is really simple there are 2 phillips screws on the bottem,
unscrew them

Step 2: Time to Take the Kittys Claws

once open you should unplug the cable then remove the pin shown in the picture

Step 3: Woot

now reasemble and ur don



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    It's been said already, but finally a post on this model. Confused and 'unbranded' 5 in just under 30 minutes.

    WOW  Finally someone with the same version cuecat as I have -- all the other instructions ive seen had different chips on them.

    Works great.  I am using it to read hundreds of UPC codes on DVDs and CDs i inherited from an estate to sell to online sites.  This scanner makes it so easy.

    It was difficult for me to see something this small - due to my age/eyesight. And i didnt know if i was attempting to cut the pin or pull it or what with my exacto knife.  (PRY it up, it will slip out of its connection, then i just broke it off.

    Thanks again.

    My little CueCat was never made in a serial version. Just PS2 and a rarer USB. I had several companies making these, to keep up with demand since they were free, so the number of screws and pins that you lift differ between models. The weak XOR shift encryption was to keep other companies from taking over my hardware via DMCA protection. Something that we had to do considering the device was free - it needed to marry to my software in 2000. Nice job on the instructable!

    Ahhhhhh....... The CueCat is a barcode reader.
    And one with a very interesting history if you read the wiki article.
    (A bit of explanation would have made this Instructable less cryptic ;¬).

    Nice pictures, but could you please tell us what we can use this for after we pull up the afformentioned pin. Also, will this work on the serial port version of the cue cat?

    1 reply

    it will change the garbage that only is recognized by its software into a normal upc