Deep Sea Diver (PG)





Introduction: Deep Sea Diver (PG)

this is a cocktail I've become quite fond of here lately. although it does go by the more adult rated name deep sea **x .

Step 1: Ingredients

for this great drink you will need:
midori/melon liquor
blue curacao liquor
amareto liquor
sweet and sour mix
7up/lemon lime soda (pop in Montana where the wifes from)
cherries/fruit slices optional

Step 2: Mixing

use 1/2 oz of melon liquor
1/2 oz blue curacao
1/2 oz amareto (maybe lil less)
1 1/2 oz sweet n sour mix
top off with lemon lime soda (pop)
garnish with choice of fruit and serve at chosen temperature
I find room temp liquors and cold soda (pop) work great

Step 3: Wrap Up

this is an easily altered drink for larger red solo cup sizes all you need to do is match the melon the blue curacao and the amaretto all the same amount then add that up (1oz of each is 3oz total) and add that amount of sweet n sour then top off with soda (pop) add ice and/or fruit and enjoy

Step 4: Different Variation

I have dubbed thee Giraffe Pi$$!!!

I swapped out the melon liquor and the blue curacao liquor for peach pucker and apple pucker for a tangy variation of the deep sea **x drink



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