Design Your Own Custom CD




Introduction: Design Your Own Custom CD

make cool designs while the cd is spinning
you can create spattered effects, spiral designs, or just straight perfect circles onto any cd

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
-a cardboard box (so ink deosent get everywhere)
-a pen
-a portable cd player
-a permanent marker
-and a cd

Step 2: Disasembling the Portable Cd Player

you need to take the top off of the cd player
i cant really explain how to take it apart, you just need to be a bit experienced with electronics

Step 3: The Permenent Marker

you can make intricate spirals or just perfect circles while the cd is spinning

Step 4: Th Ink!!!

this is when you will need the box.
when the cd is spinning blow out the end of the pen and aim at the spinning cd

Step 5: Bragg About Custom Cd

if you want before you start is somehow get the cd to be white instead of saying what ever brand it is so it looks more professional



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    i make cool spin art paintings on cds and they are listed on ebay,

    this will not scratch the cd at all becuase its on an old cd player

    I've done this before and I used paint pens.... it ended up scratching the mess out of the cd.

    Cool you could just take a old motor with the cd attachment bit and use that Hmm i have one somewhere Its just like spinning art (well it is but on cds)

    lol i discovered this a long time ago but never posted an instructable. you beat me to it nive work 5*'s