Picture of deterioreted type bronze casting
This is a style of bronce casting that i am working on to master and get a deterioreted art work, the finish pieces is one of a kind,

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Step 1: Clay model

Picture of clay model
I work in clay to get the my art piece of what i was inspired of doing

Step 2: The mold

Picture of The mold
ofter the finish model i do the mold in stuco, get everiting to a good detaild fishid product , a complete detaild of the piece

Step 3: The foundry and pour of metal

Picture of the foundry and pour of metal
vaciado rocinante.JPG
i have a small foundry that i bout, i i have goten a lot of ideas here in instructables, the pour is done in open and to piece mold, dependinf of the work that i am doing and what my idea of the finisch art i am wanting to express, i do a lot of horses, but other animals, i do, the pour is not continuies that why mi pieces are "ditireiored" sorry for my speling inglish is not my day to day langue,

Step 4: The finish

Picture of the finish
one the pice is cool down y have a piece that goes to clining and patina for the finish art work, i alsow do lost wax time i will show that, hope you enjoy ,the picture with the pice is not "Rocinante y ..." that the procec showded, that pice is "Indomable"  another pice i made the same day as, but yousely that the way they come out, before clining and patina, saludos

Step 5: Finish

Picture of finish
this is my finish art piece. a hand pourd, one of a kind, mold distrieded piece, hoppe you enjoy, este es una divercion hacer y una gran satisfaccion. 
this is wonderful!
th30be3 years ago
What is your fuel source to get it hot enough to melt bronze?
badvaquero (author)  th30be1 year ago
sorry for the daley, i use propaing gas in a homemade furnace, i am planing on buiding a furnace to use "used oil" as a fuel.
FrozenIce3 years ago
very nice, truly beutiful, keep it up.
badvaquero (author)  FrozenIce1 year ago
thank you for your coment and apreciation
macrumpton3 years ago
Great looking work! I have done some similar style work but using concrete instead of bronze as the casting medium.
You might want to change the spelling of Bronce to Bronze in your tags so more folks can find your stuff.
badvaquero (author)  macrumpton3 years ago
Thank you for the compliment, ive use concrete a couple of times, but for now, bronze and pigmented wax, i will change that word, thank you
l8nite3 years ago
that is a really great looking piece, thank you for sharing
badvaquero (author)  l8nite3 years ago
than you for your coments