My Knex Gun "the Devestater"





Introduction: My Knex Gun "the Devestater"

About: highly interested in technical designs and engineering

i have finally finished my first knex gun the devestater 317 if you have a question please ask i can also send a pic and please rate and comment

Step 1:

first you will need to make the motor holder.pics1-4 are angles of it and pics 5-19 are how to build it.

Step 2:

now we will make the handlepics 1-6 is what you are building pics 7-14 are how to build it

Step 3:

now the ammo i dont have the belt finished but tell me how many you need to make

Step 4:

now to make the gears.

Step 5: Trigger

this is the trigger

Step 6:

now to put it together



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     You could take pics in a clean bright room to get better ratings

    if anyone wants to post mods for this please post

    Some steps need to be broken down more. Also, you shouldn't really ask pwope to rate in the title, that sort of thing is for the intro section.

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    *People Sorry for double-posting but I'm on my iPod so I can't copy and paste...

    no i mostly use vader1111 as a user name

    next to your name there is a bottom "submit" press it and then there is an another bottom "submit a new group"

    when the ammo hits the green rod it pushes the white rod and fires

    machine gun yes? ok i guess