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i have finally finished my first knex gun the devestater 317 if you have a question please ask i can also send a pic and please rate and comment

Step 1:

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first you will need to make the motor holder.pics1-4 are angles of it and pics 5-19 are how to build it.

Step 2:

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now we will make the handlepics 1-6 is what you are building pics 7-14 are how to build it

Step 3:

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now the ammo i dont have the belt finished but tell me how many you need to make

Step 4:

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now to make the gears.

Step 5: Trigger

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this is the trigger

Step 6:

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now to put it together


smattman22 (author)2009-11-27

 You could take pics in a clean bright room to get better ratings

finmonster (author)2009-11-25


thecrow117 (author)2009-01-27

if anyone wants to post mods for this please post

knexguy (author)2009-01-25

Some steps need to be broken down more. Also, you shouldn't really ask pwope to rate in the title, that sort of thing is for the intro section.

thecrow117 (author)knexguy2009-01-25

ya i know

knexguy (author)knexguy2009-01-25

*People Sorry for double-posting but I'm on my iPod so I can't copy and paste...

thecrow117 (author)2009-01-24

no i mostly use vader1111 as a user name

dutchwarlord (author)2009-01-22

how does is works?? ps it looks cool

thecrow117 (author)dutchwarlord2009-01-23

how do i make a group

dutchwarlord (author)thecrow1172009-01-24

next to your name there is a bottom "submit" press it and then there is an another bottom "submit a new group"

thecrow117 (author)dutchwarlord2009-01-24


thecrow117 (author)dutchwarlord2009-01-23

when the ammo hits the green rod it pushes the white rod and fires

Unworldly777 (author)2009-01-23

awsome desighn

thecrow117 (author)Unworldly7772009-01-23


The Jamalam (author)2009-01-23

machine gun yes? ok i guess

yannyboy (author)2009-01-22


thecrow117 (author)yannyboy2009-01-22


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