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after easter made these almost too cute to eat chicks, emphasis on almost
were a bit on the time consuming side so i only made four peeking chicks, but as soon as they hit table it was obviously egg consuming time.


breumer (author)2012-03-30


lindsey123 (author)2011-05-11

I think this is sooo cute. Thanks for posting

zazenergy (author)2011-04-27

So cute! I love deviled eggs -- what's your recipe?

leggs2002 (author)zazenergy2011-04-27

i use finely diced dill pickles, finely diced onions, the yolks from all the eggs, some mustard and miracle whip. how much depends on how many yolks you have, and personal taste. i crumble up the yolks then add the rest and whip it until its almost smooth. i like a little texture. plus it hides the onions from my kids.

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