As a grade 11 high school student i often find myself on the internet looking for stuff to do when i get home. One of the problems i encountered was the lack of clarity that some of those instructables had  so here is my attempt to create an easy to follow 'ible.  

this belt buckle it the offspring of old diamond plate and some well deserved time in my shop. it is a very common shape and one of the better clothing articles i own.

Step 1: Things to Gather

bench grinder
motorized wire brush
bench vice 
rubber mallet or hammer
blow torch and solder 
dremel tool (optional)
sand paper 
sharpie marker 
ball pean hammer or mallet

3x4 inch piece of diamond plate aluminium 
2 nails 
belt new or old it doesn't matter 
your solder looks lik a cold solder joint...dont think it`ll last. really rough up where the loop n pin are and try JB cold weld...great job n ible...just a sugestion.
Awesome belt buckle. I think id prefer stainless steel diamond plate but i would use whatever i could get a hold of. thanks for the info and if i manage to find a piece of diamond plate big enough this will be the first thing i use it for. keep the great instructables coming.
will do as long as ive got cash<br>
Cool! How did you get those ridges on it?
by ridges do you mean those &quot;diamonds&quot; those are already in the aluminium hence diamond plate
Oh, I see it! The pictures kept showing it from the side and back so I got confused, but I see it now :)

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Bio: i feel that if given the proper resources and adequate time i can build anything!
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