Diecast + Diy Wire Chassis + Rock Crawler Axles




Introduction: Diecast + Diy Wire Chassis + Rock Crawler Axles

Long story short ive got this as gift years ago, its or was a model kit with little assambly needed, i broke it cause the fact that it looks like a pick up doesnt mean it can carry stuff like a pick up
So the other day i rememberd that i got some parts from a micro rock crawler (its got broken axles and missing the gearbox)
but i just wanted to use it as a model as its not a reallyt good project to make it rc since the body is so heavy and high also i was bored and wanted to make something and had recently saw thishttps://www.instructables.com/id/Wire-Car-Push-Toy/
was just a fun experiment that turn ok i like how it looks except for the blue beadlocks i may paint them
i didnt make an step by step cause i didnt knew how it was going to turn out
after finishing it i found yet another broken diecast truck so i might make an instructable when i have the time



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