Dinky's Sniper Rilfe





Introduction: Dinky's Sniper Rilfe

a sniper rifle build with knex

Step 1: The Stock

make this

Step 2: The Fireing System and the Scope

make the fireing system

Step 3: Connecting Parts

connecting step1 and step2

Step 4: Make the Loop

make this for a better acuary

Step 5: Connecting All Parts

make and connect.

Step 6: Fireing

let's fire



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    I can make some mods for it. i already made a better scope, a bayonet, and made if more powerful with rubber bands

     This is great...i built it and had 4 bands on it. It goes through pop cans. Cracks beer bottles. AND goes really far! It would help if you had made a parts list though. Good gun! 5*!

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     can you make it?
    i riped is appart about a year ago.
    and since you have made id, can you make one?

    greetz Dinky

    i made a new one
    here is a link

    anybody know a really good gun that doesn't take up many pieces. (especially green connecters).
    running out of pieces. =[

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     not the best but its good if you put 2 bands on it

    i know im replying REALLY really late, but i might know a couple that you want. handguns, or rifles?

    i have just noticed it is a knex rilfe

    it's updated now you can read it

    thanks but every time i pull the trigger, the blue piece breaks off ???

    tape it

    yes i know yo most get the trigger a little bit to the richt so it dont need much power from the trigger.

    ruber bands

    1 = 10-20 feet
    2 = 30-40 feet
    3 = 40-? feet

    this is the range