a sniper rifle build with knex

Step 1: The Stock

make this

Step 2: The Fireing System and the Scope

make the fireing system

Step 3: Connecting Parts

connecting step1 and step2

Step 4: Make the Loop

make this for a better acuary

Step 5: Connecting All Parts

make and connect.

Step 6: Fireing

let's fire
I can make some mods for it. i already made a better scope, a bayonet, and made if more powerful with rubber bands
I joined yesterday and still have to figure out the pics<br>
great gun! 5+
&nbsp;This is great...i built it and had 4 bands on it. It goes through pop cans. Cracks beer bottles. AND goes really far! It would help if you had made a parts list though. Good gun! 5*!<br />
&nbsp;can you make it?<br /> i riped is appart about a year ago.<br /> and since you have made id, can you make one?<br /> <br /> greetz Dinky<br />
&nbsp;i can try &gt;.&gt;
i made a new one<br /> here is a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Dinkys-Rifle-V2/" rel="nofollow">link</a><br />
anybody know a really good gun that doesn't take up many pieces. (especially green connecters).<br/>running out of pieces. =[<br/>
&nbsp;not the best but its good if you put 2 bands on it
i know im replying REALLY really late, but i might know a couple that you want. handguns, or rifles?
i have just noticed it is a knex rilfe
i need help
it's updated now you can read it
thanks but every time i pull the trigger, the blue piece breaks off ???
tape it
yes i know yo most get the trigger a little bit to the richt so it dont need much power from the trigger.
whats the range?
ruber bands<br/><br/>1 = 10-20 feet<br/>2 = 30-40 feet<br/>3 = 40-? feet<br/><br/>this is the range<br/>
i dont get this entire step
oh it looks different nice gun, im almost done with it
crap this is gonna suck lol
whats the gun in the background?
thats an other piece of the gun its the firing system
then how does the trigger work?
view step 2
is it a true trigger??
yes it's a true triggiger
this is a bit hard to make..
i agree. I also think that it should have a mag or something unless it has superpower. Then single shot is ok. Also what type of piece does it shoot?
it shoots a red or yellow rod
ok :I
this is great!
If it had a stalk or a butt to hold the gray rod of the ram in place, it would be an excellent design. Awesome work on the trigger!!! :)
Oh yeah in the last comment I meant to say 4.0 stars.
Not bad, Not great either.
It's not horrible, because it is a true trigger, but you should really add more body to it. +3.5

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