Corn is great. I think it might be my favourite vegetable, next to onions. So, when Jayefuu showed me these corn cob holders designed by Lana Filippone, I knew I had to have them. But, since they are not yet available to purchase I decided to make my own. You can buy them now!

Aside from being partial to dinosaurs, I thought it would be fun to include herbivores, too. Having a history of playing with my food, these clever corn cob contraptions are a fine addition to my kitchen arsenal.

It's not clear if the original design allowed the dinosaur to be reconnected when not holding corn. I thought it was an obvious trick, and designed it into my cob holders.

Ready to make your own dinosaur corn cob holders?

Step 1: Tools + Materials

Making your own is easy, here's what I used:

  • sharp hobby knife
  • rotary tool with cutting wheel
  • drill and bits
  • clamps
  • hot glue
  • plastic corn cob holders (mine were $1 for 6)
  • hollow plastic dinosaurs/animals ($1 each)
  • casting resin (I use EasyCast)
  • disposable cups
  • wood stir sticks
  • plastic caps (any cap will work)
  • masking tape

My local Dollar Store had a bin full of different animals. I recommend picking up a few, as the cavity inside is sometimes a weird shape and might not accept the corn cob holder without heavy modification. Look for animals with wide torsos, allowing plenty of room inside. The cob holder will also need a deep cavity to house the tines, so err on the side of caution and choose larger animals.
<p>This is so funny :D I like the dinosaur one :D</p>
<p>this is so cool!</p>
<p>One of my favorite instructables. </p>
<p>Will have to make these. Even at 30 years of age, my son still loves dinosaurs and we try to give him a triceratops every Christmas. These will be perfect for him as a wedding present ;) Weird one, but that's how we roll.</p>
<p>Nothing wrong with a grown man loving dinosaurs!</p><p>Source: am a grown man who loves dinosaurs :)</p>
you are hilarious!! Childhood inspired - :)
<p>Dude, these are hilarious! So funnny that I'm wiping tears away. :&not;D</p><p>.</p><p>Just as a by the way, your link to Lana Philippone doesn't seem to work.</p>
<p>This is so cool! my grandson is a dinosaur aficionado and I'm sure he'll love these.</p><p>Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>This is SO GREAT!</p>
<p>Here's my one Mike . made for the Hot Glue contest but have credited you with the inspiration. Took about 20 mins to make and I used stainless ring nails as the corn cob holders I could find were a bit sad and pathetic!</p>
<p>This so so good! Thanks for sharing, enjoy the Pro Membership.</p>
This is really cute. and cool. this is perfect to do for a Christmas family reunion. thanks mikeasaur!
These are amazing!! *runs off to find Mom's slightly-broken corn holders*<br/>I had the idea of using 2-part epoxy for this, but its smelly for a loooong time so that probably wouldn't be good to use on food items. So that made me curious - does the resin have any smell to worry about?
The odor from the resin is about the same as epoxy. I find that the smell from either is gone after a few days.
Oh, really? Ok, good to know. Thanks! :)
Dinosaur corn cobs
These are awesome!! can't wait to make them for my son!!
thats really cool where do you get that from
I wonder if they're dishwasher safe? Also-- AWESOME. That is all. ^_^
You're on Neatorama today Mike.
I saw these on Pinterest, and I was like, DUDE, I bet I know who designed these. Clicked over to instructables and sure enough, it was mikeasaurus!
Thank you for sharing such a nifty idea! After reading this I ran off to make a set for my sister - I apologise about the photo quality, my chickens kept trying to kill these guys XD
Nice job! The picture with the chicken and the dinosaur is particularly appropriate. <br />For sharing, I've awarded you a digital patch and a 3-month Pro Membership.
Very nice. Did you happen to see this? <br>http://imm-living.com/Pre-order%20Lana%20-%20update.jpg
Oops! I see you credit her. My bad.
Didn't know if she borrowed your idea.
Wow this is so cute for kids. Grownups too! I love it! Thanks for sharing!! Awesome!!! :) <br>
It's cool!!!!
FUN! ;-D
I need to find Dachshund toys like this to make weenie dog corn on the cob holders!
More like a tricera-cob! :P Love this idea!
Oh my gosh. This is awesome! Thanks!
Just wonderful! <br> <br>I will no longer be in need to do this: <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_I3U8r7xwE
The grand kids will love this. Great idea Thanks
HAHA! Post-consumption photo angle hilarious!
Ohmigosh, the expression on the triceratops with nothing but the husk left KILLS me.
That is discustingly awesome
I am going to HAVE to make a version of these for my young Aspie student...she just LOVES dinosaurs, and if I get a spare horse the right size, I will make a set for my wife too :-) She'll be tickled pink.
Dinosaur extinction theory 109, makes great corncob holders.
C'mon. That's just silly. Everyone knows the dinosaurs all died from passive smoking!
=D And why not early attempts at space travel?
Oh gosh, my two year old consumes corn on the cob like there's no tomorrow. He would love these things. <br> <br>Also, given the amount of plastic animals out there you could come up with all kinds of awesome names. A Dacshund cound be &quot;Corn dogs&quot;, a gorilla &quot;Corn on the Kong&quot;, if you could find a snake to work you could have a &quot;King Cornbra&quot;, etc.
Adorable! My kids would LOVE these! I'm off to raid the toy box! :)
Mike, you are a Genius! If you ever leave Instructables, I'm sure that FRED's would give you a job : http://fredandfriends.com/
Yesterday I had corn and now I am seeing this....:) I want more corn and more than corn this cob holder :D. Very very cool. Thanks for sharing.
Everyone in my house thinks this is awesome!
Awesome and funny! I want!
Lovely! I want one too :-)

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