Dinosaur corn cob holder

Picture of dinosaur corn cob holder
Corn is great. I think it might be my favourite vegetable, next to onions. So, when Jayefuu showed me these corn cob holders designed by Lana Filippone, I knew I had to have them. But, since they are not yet available to purchase I decided to make my own. You can buy them now!

Aside from being partial to dinosaurs, I thought it would be fun to include herbivores, too. Having a history of playing with my food, these clever corn cob contraptions are a fine addition to my kitchen arsenal.

It's not clear if the original design allowed the dinosaur to be reconnected when not holding corn. I thought it was an obvious trick, and designed it into my cob holders.

Ready to make your own dinosaur corn cob holders?
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Step 1: Tools + materials

Picture of tools + materials
Making your own is easy, here's what I used:

  • sharp hobby knife
  • rotary tool with cutting wheel
  • drill and bits
  • clamps
  • hot glue
  • plastic corn cob holders (mine were $1 for 6)
  • hollow plastic dinosaurs/animals ($1 each)
  • casting resin (I use EasyCast)
  • disposable cups
  • wood stir sticks
  • plastic caps (any cap will work)
  • masking tape

My local Dollar Store had a bin full of different animals. I recommend picking up a few, as the cavity inside is sometimes a weird shape and might not accept the corn cob holder without heavy modification. Look for animals with wide torsos, allowing plenty of room inside. The cob holder will also need a deep cavity to house the tines, so err on the side of caution and choose larger animals.
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Wolf bro 1094 months ago
This is really cute. and cool. this is perfect to do for a Christmas family reunion. thanks mikeasaur!
Shadri1 year ago
These are amazing!! *runs off to find Mom's slightly-broken corn holders*
I had the idea of using 2-part epoxy for this, but its smelly for a loooong time so that probably wouldn't be good to use on food items. So that made me curious - does the resin have any smell to worry about?
mikeasaurus (author)  Shadri1 year ago
The odor from the resin is about the same as epoxy. I find that the smell from either is gone after a few days.
Oh, really? Ok, good to know. Thanks! :)
Dinosaur corn cobs
These are awesome!! can't wait to make them for my son!!
thats really cool where do you get that from
hanniabej1 year ago
I wonder if they're dishwasher safe? Also-- AWESOME. That is all. ^_^
Jayefuu1 year ago
You're on Neatorama today Mike.
I saw these on Pinterest, and I was like, DUDE, I bet I know who designed these. Clicked over to instructables and sure enough, it was mikeasaurus!
cryder1 year ago
Thank you for sharing such a nifty idea! After reading this I ran off to make a set for my sister - I apologise about the photo quality, my chickens kept trying to kill these guys XD
mikeasaurus (author)  cryder1 year ago
Nice job! The picture with the chicken and the dinosaur is particularly appropriate.
For sharing, I've awarded you a digital patch and a 3-month Pro Membership.
Very nice. Did you happen to see this?
Oops! I see you credit her. My bad.
Didn't know if she borrowed your idea.
psbrady11 year ago
Wow this is so cute for kids. Grownups too! I love it! Thanks for sharing!! Awesome!!! :)
edith04301 year ago
It's cool!!!!
bajablue1 year ago
FUN! ;-D
I need to find Dachshund toys like this to make weenie dog corn on the cob holders!
More like a tricera-cob! :P Love this idea!
Pattymouth1 year ago
Oh my gosh. This is awesome! Thanks!
Just wonderful!

I will no longer be in need to do this:
NZarcher1 year ago
The grand kids will love this. Great idea Thanks
katbird1 year ago
lsmith2541 year ago
HAHA! Post-consumption photo angle hilarious!
www1391 year ago
Ohmigosh, the expression on the triceratops with nothing but the husk left KILLS me.
Bobey1 year ago
That is discustingly awesome
Goodhart1 year ago
I am going to HAVE to make a version of these for my young Aspie student...she just LOVES dinosaurs, and if I get a spare horse the right size, I will make a set for my wife too :-) She'll be tickled pink.
JonnyBGood1 year ago
Dinosaur extinction theory 109, makes great corncob holders.
C'mon. That's just silly. Everyone knows the dinosaurs all died from passive smoking!
=D And why not early attempts at space travel?
Oh gosh, my two year old consumes corn on the cob like there's no tomorrow. He would love these things.

Also, given the amount of plastic animals out there you could come up with all kinds of awesome names. A Dacshund cound be "Corn dogs", a gorilla "Corn on the Kong", if you could find a snake to work you could have a "King Cornbra", etc.
Adorable! My kids would LOVE these! I'm off to raid the toy box! :)
le FabShop1 year ago
Mike, you are a Genius! If you ever leave Instructables, I'm sure that FRED's would give you a job :
Yesterday I had corn and now I am seeing this....:) I want more corn and more than corn this cob holder :D. Very very cool. Thanks for sharing.
Everyone in my house thinks this is awesome!
Awesome and funny! I want!
shazni1 year ago
Lovely! I want one too :-)
And I voted!
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