Step 7: Paint, then glue

Picture of paint, then glue
Heel Spike:
To help really sell the notion that the dinosaur is supporting the weight of the shoe wearer I camouflaged the shiny steel heel spike and end cap with green spray paint. Before paint the steel spike was roughed up with emery cloth and wiped with a damp rag, then left to dry. The plastic heel caps were also roughed up with 150 grit sandpaper.

The tan sole looked out of place with my new dinosaur heels, so I masked off the rest of the shoe, sanded the sole and spray painted two coats of flat black paint to the underside of the shoe

I gave these elements two coats of paint, waiting about 30 minutes between applications then allow to completely dry overnight.

Once dry the entire assembly can be fitted together. Once satisfied that paint and heel placement is correct, use a strong adhesive to glue the insole and shank to the inside of the shoe, then install dinosaurs onto heel spikes and use more adhesive to glue them in place. Finally, glue the heel caps onto the end of the heel spike.