Introduction: Disposeable Nappy Trick

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Step 1: What You Need

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you need 1 disposable nappy a pair of scissers and a glass of water (it could be any drink

Step 2: What You Do

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cut the disposable nappythere will be this fluffy stuff in put it on a small towel like this. then buntch the towel up

Step 3: Performing the Trick

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ask a freind to watch you then say ''im going to put this magic towel over the glass'' then say abrcadabra. then say walla and the white stuff will expand taking up the space of the glass and therell be no more water


CaseyCase (author)2013-10-12

Don't say "walla," say voilà instead.

luketheman9999 (author)2013-10-12

oh okay ill do that now

luketheman9999 (author)2013-10-12

oh thanks golden lad

goldenlad (author)2013-10-12

Why would you want to say 'walla'? Surely you should be saying Voilà

thematthatter (author)2013-10-11

if you place the diaper fluff in a plastic bag and shake you can separate the sodium polyacrylate powder from the cotton.

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