Now I've been browsing the site for a couple of months now and am always impressed at what people come up with especially re using stuff on the cheap, so I was about an hour into this spur of the moment project when I realised its only fair to put back what I took out, so here is my offering.
Now for the record i'd like it to be known that i am a plumber not a carpenter but fortunately imho my amatuer wood working skills add to the charm of this project.
So i wanted to make a new desk to make more efficent use of space and something that my two sons can use at the same time I am using it to work on, also i didn't have a penny to spend so this project has cost me £0 i am very lucky that i live in a pub so theres always intresting 'rubbish' just laying around. 

so onto Step 1......

Step 1:

I found these 4 water logged rotten bits of wood out the back they've been there a while in the UK weather, the centre two are rotten about halfway through but the outer two which are 4 x 4" seem fine, now there still pretty damp so I've strapped them together  with some roof rack straps to form the basic shape of the desk, its actually about the right size for what I had in mind (just over 6' in length).
I then run a hot air blower over the wood for a bit in an attempt to dry it out a bit quicker (im impatient) what this actually did was cause everything to literally come crawling out the woodwork which has now probably rehoused itself in my flat, what i should of done is let it dry naturally outside but i dont have the patience or weather conditions at the moment.
nice job... i have a similar peice of glass that i am looking to use....

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