Step 6:

I had originally planned to make some legs for it or fix some lengths of timber along the wall but I was worried about the weight + lack of carpentry skills x small children so I opted for swiping the two bedside tables from the bedroom while Mrs Westside wasn't looking, by the time she found out, the deed was already done and they are now an integral part of the desk fortunately Mrs Westside is the forgiving type due to years of my reckless impulsiveness. 
The bedside tables are only 2' high but by the time the desk top is on its sitting at 28", my current flatpack desktop height is 30" so that worked out nicely.
Also ive squared the ends on left hand side and screwed another off cut to the end in preparation for the next step.
nice job... i have a similar peice of glass that i am looking to use....

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