Diy Air Gun





Introduction: Diy Air Gun

Hello everybody!

in this short instructable im gonna show you how to make an air gun that can shoot up to fifty metres! (150 feet!)

the idea came from when i was bored and i saw my blow gun lying in the corner. i always wanted a real air gun but since they are so expensive i decided to make my own

Step 1: The Materials

for this you will need a few materials:

PVC piping, 2 sizes. the standard electrical PVC pipe and one that snugly fits in it.

a bike pump

a blow gun

a bike tyre

a bike valve

a cork

a water pipe valve thingy

Step 2: The Firing Mechanism

the firing mechanism is made of a few components:

the u turn

the valve

the tyre

and the cork

Step 3: The U Turn

the u turn is made of PVC piping that is bent (if you can use a special spring in the pipe like you should :) )

i just heated them up and bent them by hand

you will need two thin pieces of about 30 cm and a big one of about 30 cm

you can leave one thin piece as it is.

the big piece needs to be bent about 135 degrees and the last thin piece 45

Step 4: The Valve, the Tyre and the Cork

I used a bit of PVC tape (very thick rubber that sticks to itself and pvc) to make it air tight, pushed the tyre over it and secured it with a zip tie.

in the other end of the tyre (it doesn't have to be long, just a bit bigger than 30 cm) i pushed the cork. the corck i made earlier for a super cool project of wich i will probably make a instruclable too. secure the cork with some tape and a zip tie and you're done!

Step 5: Putting It Together

now that you made it it shouldn't be difficult to put it together.

the pictures should help out too.

Step 6: The Ammo

for ammo i use little stones, there are lots of them. but with that is one problem, the air flows right past them. to fix that i use foam nuggets, the ones they use to protect electronics while shipping.

Step 7: Load and FIRE!

close the valve, connect the pump and pump some air in the tyre. if there are no leaks you can disconnect the pump if it leaks a little bit you can leave it connected. disconnect the firing mechanism form the gun and load it, first a stone and then a foam nugget. push the firing mechanism in the gun and make sure there is enough air in the tyre. aim (NOT ON ANIMALS OR ANNOYING BROTHERS!) and twist the valve quickly. you should hear poof and the stone and the foam should fly out.

You succesfully shot an air gun!



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POOP! Inner tube and cork. Preschoolers can do better.Use a real air tank and get rid of the bend, it cuts power.

great know but one problem 50 meters isn't 1500 feet maybe 150 feet

oh yes you're right

it's fixed now