Picture of diy bb cream
BB cream is one of those things I started using and then wondered why I didn't just make my own. This DIY version is super easy to make, and you can use all your favorite products - things that you know play well with your skin!

I have oily skin, so I was able to make my BB cream to reflect that. :D

I highly recommend giving diy BB cream a try - it's easy to apply (you can just rub it on like moisturizer!) and gives great coverage, and the way I've made it is super long wearing.
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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of what you'll need:
your favorite sunscreen -
sweat and water resistant is best, try to find something that isn't too greasy so there's less chance of it clogging your pores. Plus, your BB cream will stay on forever if you use a water resistant sunscreen.

your favorite moisturizer -
if you have dry skin, use a creamy one; if you have oily skin, try an oil free lotion.

your preferred foundation -
I had the best luck with liquid/cream foundation. Powder was hard to mix and did not blend well.

Monistat chafing gel -
this sounds crazy, I know! But its main ingredient is the main ingredient in several makeup primers, and it makes your BB cream go on smooth and stay nice and matte. A warning about this - I have heard of this causing breakouts in some folks. If you're breakout prone, go a little lighter on it or leave it out. I haven't had any problems but I can't promise it will be the same for you.

a bottle to put it in!
I so t know how I managed to get signed into this to comment. I tried several diferent things. So I hope I get back in. Trying to follow u. Great ideas.
I use the monistat cream for a primer. A very popular utuber that does beauty videos. She showed that she used it sometimes for primer and I got some and works great.
Imaneisraa2 months ago

Great, thanks for everything

I would like to try this but am unsure of the amounts needed of each product.

jessyratfink (author)  cheryl.burwell.53 months ago

Sorry! It's a little confusing. :)

Here's an example of how to break it into normal measurements:

1 tablespoon foundation

1 tablespoon moisturizer

1/2 tablespoon chafing gel

1/2 tablespoon sunscreen

That should give you enough for a few applications, and to use as a tester. You can scale up to cups or down to teaspoons, too! Just need equal amounts of foundation and moisturizer, and then half that amount of chafing gel and sunscreen.

kjm3229 months ago

Just wanted to let you know that I made this and I LOVE IT!!! My skin is fairly sensitive so I have to be pretty picky about the make-up and moisturizers/sunscreens that I use. Often I can't afford the really good stuff so I end up only using sunscreen (I live in FL so that is essential) This stuff lets me use a lot less of everything while giving me the benefits of all! I did leave out the chaffing gel since I didn't know how I would react to it, but I haven't noticed any problems. Thank you soooo much for this great tut!

emnm971 year ago
This is pretty cool, I'll give it a try. You don't even need makeup though! You're gorgeous
Patty20081 year ago
Hi there! Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe.
I'm in Switzerland and I just bought the ingredients in order to prepare my own BB cream; I just have a question and I would very much appreciate if you replied:
- How do I have to use the proportions of each ingredient? For instance, can I just mix everything together the whole content of each ingredient? Thank you so much for your help
lstollen1 year ago
LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! There are some people you just would die to have follow you and you are one of them!
tanusharma1 year ago
Thanks Jessy :-)
tanusharma1 year ago
If you could help understand Chafing Gel and where will i get it..Its too awesome to try on :-)
jessyratfink (author)  tanusharma1 year ago
Chafing gel is normally sold in stores next to the "feminine care" products. It's basically a gel that turns into a silky feeling powder, so it helps with anywhere you have skin touching skin or tight clothing rubbing against the skin.

It works so well in this case because it helps keep oil at bay and helps the color of the foundation stick through the day. :)
mao77777771 year ago
Thanks,It helpful me
mao77777771 year ago
Thanks,It's helpful me
Fani_Frita1 year ago
So great, I will try to do it ^^
I just made this, and I think it's pretty great. I couldn't find the monistat chafing gel, so I bought Lanacane, it seemed to work fine.

I just put some on and will see how it looks by the time I am ready for bed. I also put some on my husband, he's game to try whatever concoction I make. He has nice skin but a bit ruddy. This toned down the ruddiness just a smidge, not enough to notice if you weren't looking for it.

Now to see what I will make next!
i did this and ive seen a dramatic change in my skin.....even without it on its made my skin so beautifull and vibrant......i also noticed my pimples started to disapear!!!!!!!
im also using it on my back were i had scars,you know to hide them but im also noticeing that even when i wash it of my scars are disapearing! but i made it slitely diferent i dident have any sunscreen so i just use it as makeup and a daily mosterizer. thanks for this awsome idea. and i recomend this to everyone.
HollyMann1 year ago
Such a smart, simple idea. I love it. Also, so happy I won't need to get rid of some old foundation that I found to be too thick. I like stuff that is more moisturizing and even more or a tint than a solid thick coat of makeup. So this will work great! :)
Wynd1 year ago
I love this idea :D Thank you for taking the time and effort to seek it out! I'm going to give it a try as well, see if I can find something that works for my skin :D Brilliant!
thats awsome i have to try that. hope you win the contest
Neon Panda1 year ago
This looks great, I will try this! Thanks, I have voted for you in the contest too, good luck!
Very cool! And it's all stuff that is easy to get! That's the best :)