Diy Bracelets - How to Make a Friendship Bracelet





Introduction: Diy Bracelets - How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Handcraft 925 Sterling Silver and Red String Braided Bracelet DIY 09

Step 1: Prepare the Materials:

Step 2: Thread a Bead and Move It to the Middle of Cords.

Step 3: Braid a Heart Shape Double Coin Knot With the Cords.

Step 4: Braiding Bracelet by Snake Knots.

Step 5: Stop Braiding When You Get the Length of Bracelet You Want.

Step 6: Repeat the Same Steps on the Other Side.

Step 7: Tie a Wrapped Knot to Secure Your Bracelet.

The wrapped knot is used to make a bundle, when you have several cords that need to be grounded together. So it’s also referred to as a collecting knot. It's often used as hangers for an adjustable closure in bracelet and necklace. So it is also referred to as the sliding knot.   (Click here to see the detail instruction making wrapped knot.)

Step 8: Thread the Sterling Silver Beads on the Both Sides. Tie an Overhand Knot to Secure the End.

Step 9: Trim Off the Excess Threads.



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