Introduction: Diy Can Jam

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a cool backyard/beach game for families friends and kids of all ages

Step 1: Homemade Family Fun Can Jam

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Today i decided to make myself a more durable version of can jam for my friends, family and I.

Step 2: Drum

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gather yourself a 55 gallon drum plastic or metal work fine i used metal for mine.

Step 3: Tools

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you will need something to cut your drum with i used a sawzall with a metal blade, a chalk line and a tape measure

Step 4: Construction

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cut your drum in half and cut an insert in the side of each drum half i cut the inserts to 2.5 inches and 12 inches.

Step 5: Final Product

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an easy quick to make can jam without worries of breaking the thin plastic ones you buy in stores


liamgorman97 (author)2015-06-02

Game looks very fun, I want to make one for my own. Where can I acquire a stud like the one you have in your photo to cut the barrels in half?

tomatoskins (author)2015-06-01

How do you play?

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