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hi am from singapore here, pardon my english if they are lousy. I always wanted to diy a mini chiller for my room and thus wala... made a peltier unit and stuck it into a styrofoam box... hot glued a thermometer onto the back. feel free to drop some comment.. recently added some leds inside so that when the box is open it will light up inside. so far the lowest temperature it can get is 18'c in under 10 mins... nice..



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    im decide to make 1 like this for my home brew beer fermentation,where can i get the foambox fit 50x38x38cm? by the way, i suggest to use a tempeture control to maintain ur target tempeture. i will put a reusetable icepack inside to save energy.

    Hey there devilsbues,
    I'm also from Singapore! I wanted to make one of these but where can I get the Peltier thing in sg?

    Great!! I made one, but inside it gets hotter that outside. And no I havent put the peltier the wrong way. But now i'm working on it and maybe getting a better power source that USB to it. But that looks Great!

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    is your heat sink big enough on the hot side?

    I've tried with many heatsinks. But couple of days ago I tried that peltier again, and I think the problem was just too little power. But that's still little bit interesting that why did the peltier cool down from the other side like it should, but then the cold side also started to heat up.

    Hey, nice job.. =)

    The peltier unit its a real peltier unit, or its a computer part too, that used on processor with a fan? (looks like)

    I'm looking for a refrigerator system for my water fresh aquarium, I thinking to create a refrigerator like yours, and put a serpentine to pass the water, do you know what kind of peltier I need? I just need two or three degrees lower.


    Hello. I made a fridge like yours for my camping trips. Use 4 to 90w peltier cells each, bought by ebay, and use a power supply of 500w pc to when I was standing and the car's own battery and operating at 12v. Probably not get a lower temperature by the radiator from outside the box is not able to evacuate all the heat generated by the cell. I recommend that you put a large heatsink cpu (there are very cheap and efficient by ebay) or agas as I fabricate one refigeracion liquid extracting heat well. my lowest temperature is -1 º. apology
     my English I Spanish . adios

    Very well done... and dont fret about the 'cheapo' factor, that is the whole point of Instructables, DIY on the cheap. You didn't even use old fridge parts, you created one from computer parts and a foam cooler! Only issue for me is the name, but that might be a regional thing. Around here what you created is a 'mini fridge', a 'Chiller' is a computer water cooling system that has something like this chilling the coolant. I was trying to figure out when the cooling loop would be added to your 'Ibble...!

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    haha, ya we also call it a mini fridge here. the thing is there is stiill room for improvement. the original concept was to paint it red and stick a Coca cola logo up on the door. but stumble onto a prob that styrofoam are hard to paint.

    Nice retro-style! L