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Step 1:

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Cut the 1 m yellow cord into equal piece. Then gather three cords together and tie an overhand knot from the middle place. Please note to put the green cord between 2 yellow cords.

Step 2:

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Thread the blue chalcedony bead on the green cord. Tie an overhand knot again. Pay attention to keep the pattern of two overhand knots the same.

Step 3:

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Start to braid bracelet from one side by using the flat knot. Stop braiding when the length is approx half of your finger’s circumference. Then trim the excess yellow cords and burn their tails.

Step 5:

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Take a cut yellow cord, gather the green cords together with flat knot. (As shown in the picture)

Step 6:

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Pull the ends of green cords gently and then you get a round ring. Of course, the excess cords should be trim off, and the tails of cord should be burn. Now, Done it!

Step 7:

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Author's Note:
You can replace the cords and beads of the braided rings with any color and bead else as you wish, so that you can create many different items, or you can just make them as a pair of lovers rings.
Snellingkorey6 months ago

Interesting, i'll show the missus, see if she'll go for it!

davidbarcomb8 months ago

My daughter would love this. Simply beautiful

really cool
bdickson11 year ago

Love this, so adorable!! :)

NotAubri1 year ago

This is so cute!