Diy Diffuser for Sb400


Introduction: Diy Diffuser for Sb400

Here are some photos for making your own flash diffuser for sb-400.
1. First photo shows the test shot of with the diffuser attach to the flash. Where else to test it best than the bathroom: light off, door close.
2. Next photo shows the empty glass-cleaner bottle (from Carrefour).
3. Aluminum container from chinese restaurant
4. Bottle cut just on top of label of the product. Aluminum cut to strip the width of what would be the back of the diffuser.
5. Bottle cut in to shape to fit the sb-400. Aluminum strip taped to the back of the diffuser.
6. Velcro tape attached to the edges of the bottle and to the flash. Remember to put the "hairy" side of the velcro to the flash so it will not stick to the case when you put it in.
7. Photos of the diffuser attached to the flash.



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    This would be much better as a "step-by-step" Instructable, with some written instructions for each step.

    You should also use a picture of the finished project as the first image.

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    hi! yes you are right, but i could'nt seem to put description to each picture saying what i did with what. eh some help please?

    There's a bug currently causing problems with image notes.

    Instead, I would recommend starting a new project, choosing "step-by-step". That means you get a box of text below each batch of photos, such as this recent project.

    Thanks! I just explained the whole procedure in the main body text. It is very simple to follow for someone who wants to copy what I did. I hope this would help those who are in tight budget that want to have great photos.