Introduction: Diy Joystick Fling for Tablets

made with soda plastic bottle and sponge


artworker (author)2012-10-22

Soo very cool! U r a super genious! Giving me ideas for other projects!
Just 1 question! "HOW DID U GET THIS IDEA!"

eduino77 (author)artworker2012-10-22

after seeing the original, and after trying various materials we have at home all I happened to use plastic bottle
I'm a bit like macgyver use what I have at hand
greetings good I'm glad you like it
until next

artworker (author)eduino772012-10-22

MacGyver is cool! I din't knew about him till you mentioned him. Got to watch all his episodes. Thanks for mentioning!

kondzio29 (author)2012-10-13

nice, but some explaination is needed its difficult to see what you're doing at the video

eduino77 (author)kondzio292012-10-14

sorry, the video quality is not very good and there is plenty of light. but if you see them again a few times and after a couple of tests that it is really difficult to get

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