Diy Lego Pipe Slingshot 1.2




Introduction: Diy Lego Pipe Slingshot 1.2

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DIY Lego pipe slingshot 1.2

Intro: Lego is fun for all sorts of ages creativity is a good thing just like fresh like spring in the national parks celebration, and what isn’t a better way to celebrate it with the direct responsibility of the sport of Lego guns note it was actaully invented in the afternoon decemeber 27 2012 in wetsern days

You need

X13 2x4 bricks

X4 2x6 bricks

X2 4x4 plates

X1 4x6 brick

X2 4x8 plate

X1 elastic such as a regular silicon wristband

Disclaimer: all necessary disclaimers claimed including by building it you accept the direct liability of for who that uses it and its not improvised and it was designed carefully, properly and planned

But this Lego gun is a creative community type Lego gun so if you have some suggestion just leave comments on the front page of the article and the author will see what he can do.

Then he will make a variation article based on it with a variation number

Warning this Lego gun requires eye protection and caution with use as it shoots 1 x8 plastic Lego bricks currently there is the number variations of 1 is 1.0 is the original but is discontinued which has the variants, then there’s this one 1. 2 and there is already variation number 2 including 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5,1.3,1,& obviously 1.2

Step 1:

get the 4 x 8 lego plate

Step 2:

Put the 2x6 onto the 8x4 then repeat onto the other side then on the side put the same brick again

Then a 2x4 in the middle of one of the sides

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

after your done the 5th image insert your elastic which could be a wristband

Step 6:

once u have reached the same image used in the intro you are done



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