Picture of diy psp faceplate for logitech playgear pocket case
a custom photo to personolize ur psp

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
logitech playgear pocket case for psp
you should do something like this again except directly on the psp. and maybe for the ps3 as well?
abadfart4 years ago
i have a nine inch nails one on mine that a made out of a large cover art from the "with teeth" album
do they still sell these cases at gamestop? cause i want 1 now to do this. seems sick.
Awsome idea! Looks great. keep up the good work!
likewhoami6 years ago
Hey how do u get the black thing off the top of the case???
Oh sorry I just realised that it just comes off Thanks anyway
thegunthing7 years ago
haha wow this is actually pretty cool- nice job!
schetleft7 years ago
Lol, i knew how about this before. i should have put this on! anyway good idea for telling the world!
D3VUS8 years ago
sorry for the double post. It didnt show the first time so I retyped it. Oh well.
D3VUS8 years ago
Dude!! Awesome idea, I cant believe I never thought about that before. I just made an really good Metal Gear one with this pic...


Thanks a lot man!
coolsagun (author)  D3VUS8 years ago
nice post your image of the case man
D3VUS8 years ago
Dude!! Awesome idea, I cant believe I never thought of that before. I just made a really good one with this pic... eljugador.blogsome.com/wp-admin/images/METAL%20GEAR%20SOLID%204.jpg Thanks man!
me8 years ago
I already knew how to do this, you can also download some template files with the right size and then fit in a picture. anyway nice instructable clean and simple