Picture of diy small water pump

hi! this is my first instructable. now i will show u how to make small and  powerful water pump from west. 


a motor,

nokia charger (<800ma),

two bottle's cap,

<12inch wire,

SIM card housing(any kind of hard plastic 1mm),

pen's cap,

any kind of glue.

watch this video of final result


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Step 1:

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first of all we need two cap fo bottle. remember 1st cap should be small then 2nd cap. hear i use 1st cap of watter bottle and 2nd is from mosquito refill's cap.but we can also use bottle cap. now make a hole in 2nd cap. watter comes in from hear. then make second hole on the side of cap. watter comes out from hear.

do same thing in 1st cap. but remember in 1st cap we make only small hole that make comfortable for motor point.

Step 2:

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now join both of cap into each other. of 1st cap is covering 2nd cap's hole then cut rare part and make it full round hole.

Step 3:

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now we make fan which throw watter. for it i use 1mm thick plastick. hear is a sim card's housing plastick. cut it in shape which i have showen in image.make small bend in last. just like "S". fan size shoule not larger then cap.attach fan in gear. and gear attach to motor. all done. give power to motor by nokia charger. 
gustavio101 made it!3 months ago
I made one, but a bit different, I haven't tested in water so far but it should be waterproof so that the motor will last longer.
xusetori1 year ago

How to connect the motor to a nokia charger...???

Please help

saige30 xusetori11 months ago

strip the wire and soler to the plops on the moter

I want to start this motor with battery. Is it possible
yes it is possible... just use a 9v battery (is not to much) or put 2-4 1,5v batteries in series.. connect the same way as you did with other power source
I want to start this motor with battery. Is it possible?? Please tell me.

how do we join the pen cap do we cut it or what

how do we join the pen cap do we cut it or what

I need help of your's. Please help me. 8335958339 it's my contact number. Please contact me
Bharafi6 months ago

how to make the hole

chickeneater11 months ago

use 4xAA or 4xAAA batteries instead

xusetori1 year ago

How to connect the motor to a nokia charger...???

Please help

What size motor did you use?

I know that I am a little late but usually toy rc cars have 130 size motors.

it is normal motor which use in toys.


Thanks it is a beautiful idea
sdesai82 years ago
Hello please tell me what did you do about that sim reply fast please and is there any fan like thing inside that please reply fast
hey wow. i also built the same it totally water proof look here.
man that fountain is gorgeous! i'd love to see an instructable on it!
thanks dude.and i also made another fountain like this.
nice. i like the multicolored lighting, it really takes it to another level
Talha Khosa3 years ago
Nice dude..g8
nice work there.but this flow of water can we use it to cool an cell charger that will heat if used for 1 or more hours.i mean to say can we use this water flow in a cyclic process to cool the hot objects.please say me the process?like the car radiator cooling system.please tell.
debycoles3 years ago
I love this idea, but I'm a complete newbie to the site and the idea of making my own bits and pieces. Can you give me some ideas where I might be able to scrounge or reclaim one of these little 12v motors. What sort of products might I find them in?
Thasya3 years ago
How bout of we use a solar panel instead of using the nokia charger? Would it work?
Vijster13 years ago
I built a floating model that pumps water out and pushes it through a tube to the top of the pump (above the water).
sgoel24 years ago
Do the size of lower cap matters in working of the pump?
viggen234 years ago
Looks great, will try this as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing man.
raza8964 years ago
Thanks man. I was looking for this. I have prepared a small model of a village on a board and i just want to run the whole village on Solar power. So this thing i was missing because i want to add a running tubewell in this model of village. Thanks again
baudeagle4 years ago
How long did this work when you put it in water?

Could you post a picture of it running and moving water?

What was the flow rate Liters/min (gallons/min)?
Darshan makadiya (author)  baudeagle4 years ago
watch this

Thanks, it looks like it works like a charm.
Nice idea ! :)